• Advent Creative Workshops
    1. December 2022

    The smell of Christmas atmosphere was felt when entering the Social Services Center of Prof. Karol Matulay (a center for autistic and mentally handicapped children and adults), where supporters, volunteers, and people from the surrounding area spent hours in a creative atmosphere making various Christmas decorations and ikebana, baking gingerbread, painting on textiles and glass. The sound of Christmas carols added to the Christmas spirit with the aroma of pine needles, gingerbread, excellent punch and classic bread with lard and onion. We are happy that the HDE team could also be a part of supporting this meaningful activity that makes this world a warmer and better place.

    'The power of love is greater than we can even imagine.' PROF. KAROL MATULAY

  • Thanksgiving 2022
    24. November 2022

    On the last Thursday of every November, people in the US celebrate Thanksgiving, a special day that places gratitude at the center of attention. It is meaningful for me because many years ago on this day, my family and I landed in the US during our escape from communism. Every year, we had much to be thankful for and to this day, it is a special time for me when I remember my own journey into adulthood, freedom, challenges, openness, opportunities, hard work and positive outcomes.

    During the special time of Thanksgiving, people take stock of their lives and reflect upon what they are grateful for. I wish we took more time to count the blessings in our lives and express more thankfulness to each other. I am grateful for peace to walk the streets without sirens, for my husband and my daughter who make me a better person and are my happy place, for my home that gives me safety and refuge, for my team at Human Dynamic Europe that makes me a better leader today than I was yesterday, for my work that gives me a meaningful purpose and challenges me, for my extended family that loves and supports me in my endeavors, for my clients and companies who believe that together can make the world a better place with one person at a time, and for all my friends and acquaintances who enrich me. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to love, live and learn in such a wonderful community of people and to be able to do important work on a daily basis.

    My hope for you at this Thanksgiving (and Christmas) is that you are surrounded by the people that you love and that you find gratitude at the center of all your celebrations.

    With gratitude and thankfulness,


  • Team breakfast
    23. November 2022

    During the month of November, we had the opportunity to celebrate birthdays of our great colleagues. We enjoyed a team breakfast with delicious food and wished many happy and healthy days to our celebrants. We cherish the moments together, especially during this busy time. Thanks again to the amazing team, wishing you strength for the next period.

  • New HDE Logo
    14. November 2022

    After 5 years, it was time for a change. Similar to when you wear the same dress for a long time and although you like it, the time comes to put it away and find your new favorite. We hired a professional graphic designer who reflected upon the HDE culture, vision and strategy, which will be embraced in the future. We are very happy with the outcome of the new and simple logo, and hope you will like it too.

  • Mental health booth
    7. November 2022

    We thank our clients for the opportunity to be a valuable part of their Health Days at the workplace. At the HDE Mental Health Booth, employees have the opportunity to be tested in various self-development areas and consult with a counseling psychologist. We appreciate that our clients value their employees’ health and provide mental health programs (Employee Assistance Program), which have become an integral part of the corporate culture in many companies.

  • Delicious feast together
    7. November 2022

    When too much is happening, it is beneficial to taka a break and enjoy a good meal with the loved ones to gain physical, mental and emotional energy. Although autumn is a very busy for our team, we are truly happy to have had the opportunity to slow down and enjoy some delicious Slovak food together as a team (goose meat, potato crepes and cabbage).

  • (Non)Christmas Benefit Concert with the vocal group Fragile
    19. October 2022

    Do you know that feeling of pride and belonging when you become a part of something larger than yourself, such as helping the needy? It was exactly this feeling that our team and our clients experienced together with the Integra Foundation on a beautiful and unforgettable evening in the magical premises of Bratislava's Old Town. We are honored to have the privilege to help and spread the important message of ​​support to people who need it the most, such as supporting children in Africa or people affected by the war in Ukraine.

    This evening was an important part of our work, which filled us with faith and hope that people still have the willingness to help, and for this we are grateful to all our guests and clients. You can also be a part of creating a better world together with us:

  • Mental health
    14. October 2022

    Caring about the mental health of employees is a daily mission at Human Dynamic Europe, not only on the World Mental Health Day. It is important at work and at home, as these two environments intertwine and are related to each other. It is a pillar of a healthy society and we should support it in all aspects of life. That's why our team is made up of mental wellbeing professionals who support and help companies and their employees. We are honored and grateful to our clients who agree with the importance of mental health and feel the same priority and responsibility towards their employees. Their reward is satisfied and happy employees who appreciate the support from their employer knowing that they are an important part of the company.

  • Crisis Intervention
    3. October 2022

    Each person may experience a crisis or a difficult life situation, which can be hurtful, terrifying or paralyzing. HDE provides its corporate clients with a 24/7 crisis hotline for those who need it. We want to be helpful and useful to our clients, which is why we continuously learn and develop in this area. Practical training in crisis intervention was facilitated by a counselor and crisis expert, Gabriela Pokorna.

  • Team breakfast
    27. September 2022

    The team breakfast was held at bistro MINT in September, where the positive gastronomic experience gave us a nice start of a new and demanding week. We like to enjoy this time together as a team when we can slow down for a moment, celebrate colleaguesbirthdays and name days, and let them know we're thinking of them and here for them. We wish you Miriam, Janka and Mishel many beautiful and joyful days. 

  • Volunteering at CSS prof. Karola Matulaya
    25. August 2022

    Those of you who regularly read our blog know that the best teambuildings for our team are those that give us the opportunity to help others. On one hot August day, we enjoyed painting the playground for children with autism who will return to the Center of Social Services of Karol Matulay after the summer break.

  • Farewell and birthday breakfast
    11. August 2022

    During the months of July and August, our team celebrated birthdays and name days and said goodbye to colleagues who are moving forward in their counseling careers. Change is necessary for development, and we enthusiastically support the development of potential. We wish our colleagues good luck, success and joy in their next journey.