• Team breakfast
    16. March 2023

    During the team breakfast, we celebrated birthdays, name days, and successful launch of the EAP program for 8 countries for a new client. We consider recognizing and appreciating the team’s achieved goals, both small and long-term, as a perfect activity, especially when the atmosphere is supported by excellent food and pleasant conversations.

  • First aid course
    24. February 2023

    Are you able to administer first aid in case of emergency? According to research, most Slovaks think they can; however, reality and testing shows the opposite. Yet, the first few minutes after an accident or an emergency may decide about a human life or avoid permanent injuries. Even imperfect first aid is better than no help, so as a team we decided to develop and increase our knowledge in this (vital) area and test our skills during a one-day certified First Aid Training. Knowing how to properly evaluate the situation, slow down the bleeding, call for help, start resuscitation, not to be afraid of the AED, master the Heimlich maneuver - all this is knowledge we consider necessary to gain and refine not only from the point of view of crisis intervention and psychological counseling, but also in regard to our private lives.

  • Strategic Offsite
    30. January 2023

    Have you ever been a part of a company strategy development or did you just learn about the strategy from your manager? Have you ever thought how beneficial it would be if you could express your perspective? At HDE, it is different. The company management is sincerely interested in what employees think and in building relationships within the team. The team set the Wildly Important Goal for the next 3-6 months, vision for 2023, benefits, home office, as well as brought ideas for developing the team’s competencies and services to remain a relevant and inspiring partner for clients. At the same time, the team got to know each other better during relaxing teambuilding activities and delicious gastronomy.

  • Workshop Facet5 – Line dance with our team
    11. January 2023

    Are you organized and need spreadsheets to work on, but colleagues are more creatively focused and take their time before submitting materials? Do you perceive feedback sensitively and need your peace, or are you, on the contrary, sociable, like to communicate and take little to heart? In order to understand each other in the workplace and to be able to cooperate and communicate effectively, we put ourselves in the hands of the excellent coach Petra Holic and worked with Facet5 personality profiles. Facet5 showed us how we differ in behavior, motivation, communication and attitudes, whether at work or in our personal lives. At the same time, we had the opportunity to get to know each other better and more deeply, which will help us to function more efficiently as a dynamic team. We found that even though many of us approach work differently, we are united by affection for people, love for our work and the desire to be a support for each other.

  • Peace to the World 2023
    22. December 2022

    A wise man once said that life may be chaotic and random as you experience it, but in hindsight everything is much clearer. This year has handed us all kinds of twists and turns, successes and disappointments. Through it all, we continue to grow, persevere, support those who need it the most, and enjoy the time with family, friends and our team. At Human Dynamic Europe, we are very grateful for the valuable partnerships with our clients and for our joint faith in helping others through caring for their mental health and relationships.  Instead of buying Christmas presents for our clients, our team decided to support professional counseling for traumatized children at the Praise Gate Orphanage at the outskirts of Nairobi and at the St. Anna School at Murang area in Kenya throughout 2023 through the Integra Foundation. Peace to the World is our wish for you not only during the upcoming Christmas season, but for the year 2023. May 2023 be peaceful for you and your loved ones, meaningful and full of joyful moments, abiding in new adventures and courage to step outside your comfort zone, healing for the hurting areas in your life, harmonious for your soul, and enriching for your relationships.

  • The Christmas Party before the holidays
    19. December 2022

    The Christmas Party before the holidays is one of our dearest team traditions. In addition to excellent food and enriching conversations, we also enjoyed gifts from the Secret Santa and our favorite game, during which we steal each other's gifts. Although it sounds insidious, in reality our Secret Santa is full of laughter and joy from the time spent together, after which each colleague goes home with something special. Whether we picked a board game, a puzzle or a homemade honey jar (or stole them from a colleague with a friendly smile), we all feel sincere joy and gratitude after a wonderful Christmas activity. We look forward to the next year!

  • How much love can fit in a shoe box?
    15. December 2022

    We are happy that this year the HDE team was able to make Christmas even more enjoyable for seniors. How much love can fit in a shoe box? In our team, we know that A LOT. We made them happy with a gift that will warm our hearts as well as theirs. It's simple and yet so unique - we filled the shoe box not only with something warm, fragrant, soft, sweet, salty and for fun, but we also put a piece of our heart in it, which is the most valuable thing we can give to the other.

  • Advent Creative Workshops
    1. December 2022

    The smell of Christmas atmosphere was felt when entering the Social Services Center of Prof. Karol Matulay (a center for autistic and mentally handicapped children and adults), where supporters, volunteers, and people from the surrounding area spent hours in a creative atmosphere making various Christmas decorations and ikebana, baking gingerbread, painting on textiles and glass. The sound of Christmas carols added to the Christmas spirit with the aroma of pine needles, gingerbread, excellent punch and classic bread with lard and onion. We are happy that the HDE team could also be a part of supporting this meaningful activity that makes this world a warmer and better place.

    'The power of love is greater than we can even imagine.' PROF. KAROL MATULAY

  • Thanksgiving 2022
    24. November 2022

    On the last Thursday of every November, people in the US celebrate Thanksgiving, a special day that places gratitude at the center of attention. It is meaningful for me because many years ago on this day, my family and I landed in the US during our escape from communism. Every year, we had much to be thankful for and to this day, it is a special time for me when I remember my own journey into adulthood, freedom, challenges, openness, opportunities, hard work and positive outcomes. During the special time of Thanksgiving, people take stock of their lives and reflect upon what they are grateful for. I wish we took more time to count the blessings in our lives and express more thankfulness to each other. I am grateful for peace to walk the streets without sirens, for my husband and my daughter who make me a better person and are my happy place, for my home that gives me safety and refuge, for my team at Human Dynamic Europe that makes me a better leader today than I was yesterday, for my work that gives me a meaningful purpose and challenges me, for my extended family that loves and supports me in my endeavors, for my clients and companies who believe that together can make the world a better place with one person at a time, and for all my friends and acquaintances who enrich me. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to love, live and learn in such a wonderful community of people and to be able to do important work on a daily basis. My hope for you at this Thanksgiving (and Christmas) is that you are surrounded by the people that you love and that you find gratitude at the center of all your celebrations. With gratitude and thankfulness, Miriam

  • Team breakfast
    23. November 2022

    During the month of November, we had the opportunity to celebrate birthdays of our great colleagues. We enjoyed a team breakfast with delicious food and wished many happy and healthy days to our celebrants. We cherish the moments together, especially during this busy time. Thanks again to the amazing team, wishing you strength for the next period.

  • New HDE Logo
    14. November 2022

    After 5 years, it was time for a change. Similar to when you wear the same dress for a long time and although you like it, the time comes to put it away and find your new favorite. We hired a professional graphic designer who reflected upon the HDE culture, vision and strategy, which will be embraced in the future. We are very happy with the outcome of the new and simple logo, and hope you will like it too.

  • Mental health booth
    7. November 2022

    We thank our clients for the opportunity to be a valuable part of their Health Days at the workplace. At the HDE Mental Health Booth, employees have the opportunity to be tested in various self-development areas and consult with a counseling psychologist. We appreciate that our clients value their employees’ health and provide mental health programs (Employee Assistance Program), which have become an integral part of the corporate culture in many companies.