• Revealed… Part 3
    12. October 2021

    The 3rd part of our series Revealed will be slightly different. It will give you a glimpse of how difficult it was for our boss Miriam to reveal her vulnerability in front of her team. You may find encouragement and inspiration in her learning process as a leader (in slovak only).

  • Our team: revealed ... Part 2
    27. September 2021

    In the previous blog, Our Team: Revealed Part 1, we wrote about our 3-day discovery of individual and team potential. Today, we are bringing you a personal experience and survival of our colleague Katka. Enjoy reading (in Slovak only).

  • Strategic teambuilding
    16. September 2021

    While some people think that preparing the team’s strategy is something boring that the leaders do in their spare time to get away from work, we look forward to these days a few times a year when we come together as a team to discuss our focus, direction and opportunities for the next 6 months. This time, we focused on our personal values, which brought another aspect of vulnerability and transparency to our team. We realized that although each of us is different, we bring that valuable part of ourselves to the team, which makes it unique, special and amazing.

  • Our team: revealed ... Part 1
    13. September 2021

    Our team experienced something remarkable. During the time of growth and uncertainty, we were able to calibrate, learn more about ourselves and assimilate the new members into our team culture. In this part 1 of 3 you can read more about this challenge (in Slovak only).

  • Achievements of our colleagues
    8. September 2021

    We are excited to share the recent success of our colleagues Dominika and Katka. Dominika finished her dissertation and received her Doctorate PhD Degree in Social and Organizational Psychology. Katka successfully completed the Adler Counseling long-term psychotherapeutic training and certification. Dear ladies, we are proud of you!

  • Not only with heads, but also with our hands….
    18. June 2021

    Our team participated in the largest corporate volunteering event in Slovakia Naše mesto (Our City) 2021, helping the Center for Autistic Children and Adults in Bratislava. Since our team is predominantly female, our family members also added their helping hands as well. We painted children's swings, the garden gazebo and the gate, scrubbed and cleaned the concrete fence, removed weeds from the sidewalks and overall spent an amazing time together. Doing manual work for others in need gave us a great feeling of satisfaction and meaningfulness.

  • Interview about happiness
    9. February 2021

    Would you like to rediscover the work life balance and happiness in your life? Read an inspiring interview (in Slovak) with our CEO and coach, Miriam Lachová, at AkoBuk.

  • Christmas wish
    23. December 2020

    Dear friends, we wish you beautiful moments of joy, peace and contentment not only during Christmas, but throughout the year 2021.

  • Secret Santa
    22. December 2020

    Every year, we have a tradition to find time to relax before the Christmas rush and spend a pleasant evening full of fun, games and delicious food. This year was no exception and we are very grateful that we were able to meet together as a team.

  • Christmat Post Mail for Seniors
    22. December 2020

    With a huge dose of joy and enthusiasm, we participated in the project Christmas Post Mail for Seniors and sent letters to 5 amazing people. We believe that our hand-made greeting cards and letters made their day and brought joy at least as much as we enjoyed creating them.

  • Life Priorities and Wellbeing
    20. October 2020

    The Project Management Conference organized by EFocus on October 20th invited our CEO, Miriam Lacho(va), to speak about life priorities and our wellbeing. She inspired the online participants to find their journey to happiness and contentment even during these difficult times.

  • We are here for you
    13. October 2020

    Despite the stricter measures, we continue to operate in full swing and are available for you for face-to-face, phone and mail consultations. Feel free to contact us anytime.