Michaela Tesařová

| Psychologist | Therapist |

Michaela completed the long-term psychotherapy training in Dynamically-oriented Psychotherapy with an emphasis on the psychosomatic approach under the guidance of the Institute of Family Therapy and Psychosomatic Medicine, and the course of the Center of Conscious and Active Preparation for Motherhood and Parenthood accredited by the Ministry of Education of the Czech Republic. She worked as a therapist in the community for drug addicts, where she provided individual and group counseling. Michaela likes to get to know the inner world and discover its connections with the outer world. She supports clients in personal development; self-awareness and self-worth; setting goals, visions and finding ways to achieve them; motherhood and womanhood; parenting and relationship with children; couples’ relationships and other relationships - with a partner, children, parents, colleagues, friends; boundaries in a relationship; psychosomatic approach; and crisis counseling in providing support and guidance in difficult life situations. She consults in the Czech language.