Gabriela Pokorná

| Psychologist | Consultant |

When we are able to sense the world around us, we are able to see that each day is full of inspirations and opportunities to learn something new.

Gabriela graduated from the Department of Psychology at the Faculty of Philosophy at the University of Ss. Cyril and Methodius in Trnava. She started her career as a psychologist, providing diagnostics and counseling to children and teenagers. In the past two years, she has been working mostly with adults. She has completed the Crisis Intervention Training, Motivational Interviewing Training and the CeveySystems Business Leadership Coaching focused on employee performance. Currently, she is finishing her long-term PCA (Person Centered Approach) psychotherapeutic training. At Human Dynamic Europe she has two roles: as the Customer Relations Manager and as a Consultant. In her managerial role, she focuses on professional relationships with corporate clients, organizes learning and development activities and provides creative marketing for the company. As a consultant, Gabriela consults with individuals through email, telephone and face-to-face. She speaks Slovak, English and Hungarian.

„I am fascinated by the individuality and uniqueness of people. I believe that each one of us is the greatest specialist of himself or herself. I like to accompany clients and empower them in finding their own hidden power and courage. I am convinced that everyone has the potential to grow, develop and move forward. I learn from the clients and people in my life, which inspire me each day with their own stories and lives. In my free time I exercise yoga and travel around the world. I love animals, delicious food and timeless books (The Little Prince, Tuesdays with Morrie and others).“