Tatiana Čorbová

| Psychologist | Therapist |

You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream

Tatiana completed her Master’s Degree in Psychology at the Faculty of Arts at the Trnava University. During her studies, she was enrolled in the Erasmus program in Munich at the Psychology in Learning Science. She worked as a volunteer in an online counseling center for youth, as well as at an orphanage, and in various activities for children and young people. As a student, she worked at the psychiatric ward in a hospital and at a pedagogical-psychological center, where she focused mainly on the diagnostics of children. After graduating, she worked at the psychiatric hospital. She gained further work experience at the Psychological Counseling Center, where she provided counseling for adults, diagnostics and therapy for children and adolescents. She is currently completing a long-term psychotherapeutic training in Gestalt Psychotherapy, and completed training and certification in mourning counseling at the non-profit organization Plamienok, as well as a Crisis Intervention Training and Certification.

“In my work I appreciate the most when a person opens up with the story of his or her life. With my clients I try to reveal the brightness and inner strengths, as well as encourage not to be afraid to look at the darker sides, which may be painful. My motto is that there is no time to waste and therefore I try to do my best and be grateful for everything I have.”