Pavel Šiandor

| CFO | Consultant |

Never, never, never give up!
<Winston Churchill>

Pavel holds the position of the Chief Financial Officer and Consultant. He offers his clients the ability to see solutions in difficult situations and a rich experience with the development of new projects in a dynamic environment of change and challenges. Pavel gained many years of experience as a manager of large projects, where he built and led teams that achieved excellent results despite of adverse conditions. During the restructuring processes, he not only successfully managed the change, but also the teams through his leadership ability to motivate, support and develop others. With his sense of humor, he is able to lighten up any difficult situation and turn it into a challenge that others gladly take on. He is currently attending the Business Coaching Training at the Business Coaching College in Bratislava.

"After more than thirty years, I changed the industry, in which I had the opportunity to work at all levels of the organization. In my last position as the Department Director, where I successfully set up the operations of another company, I realized that it was time for a career change. A change that would not only be my personal challenge, but make my work more meaningful. I am glad that I am not a rust bucket yet J, and I would like to encourage everyone that it is never too late to change something and follow your heart. I am an optimist who likes to bring a relentless desire to solve every unsolvable situation. My wish is to help people grow and support companies in their challenges.”