Hannah Ondruška

| Psychologist | Therapist |

My motto is life itself.

In Hanna´s more than 20 years of working with clients, she dealt with a wide range of issues that are inevitably intertwined with life at each stage. She works with relationships in all their contexts, whether couples, parents, professionals or they are more complex such as formation of a new family after a divorce. The aim is to rediscover mutual understanding and trust. Hannah reflects the demands of the current dynamic pace of life, which causes an increase in stress and anxiety disorders, where she uses complex methods leading to a relaxed and harmonious experience. She works with recognizing and revealing the individual qualities with the goal to lead a fulfilled and joyful life. She creates a holistic picture of a person and takes into an account the connection between the body and emotions. Recognizing the psychosomatic context is an important part of her approach. She started her counseling with working with the disadvantaged. She completed several accredited long-term psychotherapeutic trainings, which are diversely focused on various ways of looking in to and working with a person. She consults in Slovak and English.

"My individual style was described by someone as receptive and accepting, compassionate and full of life. I consider myself as a passionate idealist, who does not persuade others, but with openness and humility accepts different opinions. I believe that the heart is a more reliable compass than the mind. I wish for all to have the courage to abandon what limits and does not bring joy to our lives. My experience is that through hurt and pain a new enlightenment may be found. Each of us can become a space where we flourish and thrive. Being a part of that is a blessing. I seek and find my fulfillment in relationships and activities that are connected with the perfection of nature, its sensitive discovery and protection. As a child, I wanted to change the world; now I understood that I can only change myself. And the world around me began to change on its own."