Veronika Holíková

| Consultant | Psychologist |

The moment you realize the importance of self-love, you will stop hurting others.
<Thich Nhat Hanh>

In her professional career of more than 12 years, Veronika is involved in a wide range of activities and directions. She believes that each of our experiences, whether difficult or pleasant, has its meaning, depth and legacy. In her practice, she focuses on individuals who are interested in personal development, overcoming internal obstacles, decision-making, working with anxiety, addictions or depressive conditions. She completed the accredited long-term psychotherapeutic training in Process Oriented Psychology, part of which is working with the body, dreams or internal critics. She perceives individuals in their broader context - relationships, families, or the culture where they live, and therefore considers important to bring more awareness to how context and environment shapes us into our current form. Her goal is to bring more light to those parts that are hidden or rejected.

Veronika also works with couples and groups. She is interested in the dynamics of conflicts and likes to accompany couples and groups in finding a common consensus and solutions. She lectures and trains on the topics of stress and anxiety management, setting boundaries and effective communication. She believes in values of equality, diversity, kindness, knowledge and service, which she strives to apply in non-governmental organizations as well.

“In my work, I focus on the transformation of the client's potential and the path to greater integrity and awareness. I trust that crises, fears or self-criticism are challenges that we can turn into gold. Often our unconscious signals, dreams or body symptoms hide a different type of wisdom waiting to be revealed. I like to accompany my clients on their guests and through their stories I rediscover the wisdom of life and the power of our intention. I like the sea, life, journeys and changes.”