Viera Kliszová

| Psychologist | Therapist |

You have to see people as they are, see the goodness that is present in each one of them and help them find it.

Viera obtained her Master’s Degree in Psychology at the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra and completed a long-term psychotherapeutic training in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. She worked individually and in groups with people suffering from addiction at the Psychiatric Hospital and with victims of domestic violence at the Intervention Center, cooperated with a private Pedagogical-Psychological Counseling Center and at the Psychosomatic Center. She now runs her own private counseling practice in Prague. She completed several training courses, namely the Current Knowledge on Depression Treatment; Educational Parental Therapy - Adlerian Approach; Sexual Abuse - Interdisciplinary View; Family in the Context of Domestic Violence; Domestic Violence and Family Law; Introduction to Criminal Issues in the Context of Domestic Violence; Sexuality; Eating Disorders; ADHD professional seminar - Multidisciplinary Topic and workshop How to Work Effectively with Infidelity in Individual and Couples Therapy and Counseling. Viera comes from Slovakia, currently lives and works in the Czech Republic, where she received the Certificate in the Czech language and is a member of the Czech Association of Psychotherapy. She works with Human Dynamic Europe as a psychologist and psychotherapist in Prague and consults in Czech and Slovak.

“I offer my education, experience, interest and time to help my clients improve their quality of life. I work with clients who suffer from mental health problems (fear, anxiety, depression, stress, relationship problems, etc.) or would like to "just" understand each other more and develop. Together, we look for the dynamics and context in their life story, in the relationships and situations they have gone through or are currently going through. “