Barbara Šrámková Skeldalová

| Psychologist | Therapist |

Our wounds are often the openings into the best and most beautiful parts of ourselves
<David Richo>

Barbara received her Master’s Degree in Psychology at the Charles University in Prague and the Université de Toulouse-Le Mirail in Toulouse in France. As part of her studies, she completed a professional internship at the Central Medical and Psychological Department of the Central Military Hospital in Prague, the Horní Palata Day Sanatorium and at the BONA company. She completed a four-year psychotherapy training in Transformational Systemic Therapy MoViSa. She worked therapeutically and diagnostically with individuals, couples and families in the Clinical Psychology practice in Northern Bohemia and in the General Faculty Hospital in Prague (female addiction ward). She also completed other courses, such as the Crisis Intervention, Team Cooperation and Team Roles, Neuropsychological Recommendations in Neurological Diseases or Neuropsychological Recommendations in Psychiatric Illness.


Since 2017, she has also had her own private practice, where she supports clients with personality, psychological, partnership and work issues and helps them to find wholeness and the ability to lead a meaningful and rich life again. She focuses on recognizing and supporting the clients’ resources so that they are able to strengthen their self-esteem and make their own decisions, and achieve harmony and peace. She consults in Czech and English.