Katarína Janotová

| Consultant | Psychologist |

When you conquer yourself, you can conquer any obstacle.

Katarina received her Master’s Degree in Psychology at the Department of Psychology at the Comenius University in Bratislava. She interned at the Department of Psychiatry at the University Hospital Ružinov, where she obtained experience working with adult clients and groups, as well as learned art therapy and drama therapy. She also had the opportunity to work with children as a kindergarten English teacher and through the Children Crises Hotline. She acquired the ability to look at the world through children’s eyes and gained experience in working with parents and in crisis interventions. The Primary Montessori School Na Beranku in Prague provided a practical experience in individual work with children with learning and behavior disorders. Currently, Katka is enrolled with the long-term Psychotherapeutic Training in Adlerian Counselling where she continues to deepen her knowledge and experience in counseling.
At Human Dynamic, Katka is a consultant, psychologist and trainer. She believes in the power of encouragement and the fact that with the right approach our flaws can move us forward to our goals. Her approach is to help clients to feel more confident, capable, determined and satisfied in their social and working environment. She is interested in clients´ personal and professional challenges and strives to find their potential to improve partnerships, family relationships and other areas of their life.
„My main motivation to work at Human Dynamic is the desire to come to work every day with the feeling that I'm doing something meaningful that helps others. I believe that the foundation of a professional counselor is to love the profession, constantly learn and participate in supervision. It is my intention as well - do what I enjoy in the best way possible.“