Eszter Bakó

| Psychologist | Therapist |

Eszter is counseling psychologist with a focus on family and relationship counseling, and she is also a certified coach. She is also a supervising counselor and therapist with many years of experience in individual and group counseling. She works with a variety of tools, which she applies flexibly depending on the nature of problem. She focuses on anxiety-related non-clinical problems, such as fear of life situations, panic attacks or performance anxiety. She teaches relaxation techniques (autogenic training, meditation) and helps with self-awareness issues, such as self-confidence, self-image, self-evaluation. Her specialties include relationship counseling, separation, divorce processing, accompanying the grieving process, career planning and self-realization, lifestyle change support, workplace stress management and work-life balance.

Eszter focuses on prevention and reversal of burnout, self-assertion, conflict management, development of social competences, searching for solutions in case of life difficulties and life situation crises. She also provides business and life coaching. She supports her clients in making effective decisions from the place of their personal integrity so that they are able to overcome internal and external barriers. Eszter’s qualifications include: Postgraduate studies - Counseling psychologist professional exam; family and relationship counseling specialization: ELTE PPK (2017); Psychodrama self-knowledge, 250 hours (2010) and psychodrama assistant training (2017-2018); Hungarian Psychodrama Association; Emergency psychology in unexpected and stressful situations (SE-TK/2018.I/00163); Meditation-Imagination; Symbol Therapy Method-specific Training (2012-2017), Hungarian Relaxation and Symbol Therapy Association; Coaching Methodologies in Practice I.-II.: ICF accreditation (2016); Cevey Business Leadership Coaching (2015); Relaxation Autogenic Training; Hungarian Relaxation and Symbol Therapy Association (2010). Eszter consults in Hungarian and English.