Petra Ďurkechová

| Psychologist | Therapist |

Petra provides psychological counseling in the area of personal development, managing difficult life situations, managing stress, psychosomatic problems, anxiety and depression, behavioral and learning problems, and parenting issues. She also provides diagnostics of children and adults, such as personality, intellect, psychological functions and specific abilities, behavioral and emotional disorders, attention disorders, disability, differential and preventive diagnostics, and psychological assessment of mental ability. In psychotherapy, she helps people with personality, emotional and interpersonal problems, focusing on anxiety, panic attacks, neurotic disorders, mood disorders, depression, hyperventilation, psychosomatic disorders, stress-related disorders, relationship crises, and relaxation techniques. She is a certified and licensed psychotherapist, and is a member of the Slovak Chamber of Psychologists and part of the Registry of Certified Psychotherapists of the Slovak Psychotherapeutic Society. Petra is a forensic expert and consults in Slovak.