Jana Karelová

| Coach |

Joy given to somebody else has a wonderful quality: it does not weaken with reflection, it comes back to us more branched and glowing.
<Mahatma Gandhi>

Throughout her career of more than 35 years, Jana worked in various managerial positions in international companies and in non-for-profit organizations in Slovakia and abroad. She gained experience in building and restructuring teams, in developing and motivating individual staff members and in assessing their career potential. In recent years, she has worked closely with people managers on various levels of management in global corporations, as well as in smaller local companies, which all deal with challenges of effective people management in a fast and constantly changing business environment.

Jana uses her extensive practical experience with managers and supports them in utilizing their full personal and managerial potential during the coaching and mentoring sessions, as well as in the assessment of their leadership potential. She guides teams during the process of establishing effective communication channels. She also works with human resources professionals in setting up efficient management systems.

After completing the ICF certified coaching course in 2011, Jana works intensively as a coach and is currently in the process of obtaining a PCC certificate. She completed the certified CeveySystems Business Leadership Coaching training focused on the performance of management employees, which she actively uses to evaluate leadership potential. She consults in Slovak, Czech and English.

“The success and progress of all the managers and leaders I work with brings me happy. I sincerely admire their determination and drive to overcome obstacles and their own limits, and I am grateful for their trust and opportunity to be a part of it. It's an amazing feeling.”