Daniela Hruškovičová

| Coach |

Daniela received her Doctorate Degree in Psychology from the Charles University in Prague. She completed an accredited five-year training in psychodynamic psychotherapy SUR (a comprehensive program of certified psychotherapeutic training in the Czech Republic). She is constantly expanding her education and draws not only from her own experiential training, but also from other courses focused on child psychology, family therapy, hypnotherapy, crisis intervention and psych diagnostic methods. Daniela is a qualified psychologist and psychotherapist with many years of experience in group and individual therapy for adults, adolescents and children, and also provides family counseling and couples therapy. In her therapeutic work, she creates a safe and confidential space and approaches each client individually, with respect and understanding for their unique story. She offers help and support in difficult life situations and crises, professional help in solving partner and family problems, managing stress, anxiety issues, burnout, communication in difficult situations and personal development. Due to many years of experience in managing human resources in international corporate and startup environments, she also supports the development of managers and their teams, people in key positions, as well as young professionals, and helps them manage the organizational and time demands of their roles, managing change and achieving goals. Daniela consults in Slovak, Czech and English.

"Therapeutic and inspirational dialogue allows people to better formulate their thoughts, reflect on their experience, think better and then act more effectively with better understanding not only of themselves, but also their surroundings. We will look together at what is happening from different points of view. Authenticity is my way of building trust.”