Peter Šebo

| Therapist | Consultant |

Peter is a therapist, coach and doctor with 20 years of experience in the innovative pharmaceutical industry, where he worked as a scientific advisor and manager in Slovak and international environment (Johnson & Johnson, GSK, Pfizer). He completed his studies in general medicine at the 1st Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague. He is currently completing long-term training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at the Institute of Applied Psychoanalysis in Prague and is also a candidate member of the Czech Association for Psychotherapy. He also completed various courses, workshops and trainings aimed at leading difficult negotiations, facilitation, coaching, socio-mapping, building effective and cohesive teams, time management and personality typology.

Peter started his professional career as a doctor and later moved into the area of management and consulting. In recent years, he focused primarily on leadership and individual career management of key employees with the aim of maintaining talent, motivation and creativity within the company. He works with managers and leaders on self-awareness and development of their potential professionally, as well as in their personal life. Based on his long-term psychoanalytic psychotherapy training, he provides counseling to clients with topics of work life balance, motivation, search for a meaning and fulfillment, as well as stress management, parenting and leadership. He also professionally accompanies clients through difficult life situations and changes, such as job loss, serious health conditions, death of a loved one, divorce, prevention of burnout, and other topics. He also provided mentorship to young professionals through the GROWNi platform and facilitated self-development groups in LEAF Circles.

He cooperates with Human Dynamic Europe in providing individual and group crisis intervention, coaching, training, psychological counseling and therapy in Bratislava and in an online environment. He works under supervision and consults in Slovak, Czech and English.