Emil Georgiev

| Psychologist | Therapist |

Emil has many years of experience in counselling and psychotherapy. As a professional he is interested in helping people become more aware of their inner world of feelings and strengths. He believes that every individual has a great potential for growth and emotional development and can benefit from counseling and coaching. He has a great interest in studying group relations and dynamics as an integral part of the individual context. His personal style is one of a positive regard and curiosity. Emil graduated psychology and clinical social work from the New Bulgarian University. He participated in training focused on therapeutic work and interventions. He took courses in psychodynamic group therapy at the Bulgarian Institute for Human Relations and participated in personal experience training in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy in the Institute of Ecology of Thinking. Emil acquired a certified training in Motivational Interviewing. He is in a long-term psychoanalytical training and a member of the Bulgarian Psychoanalytic Society. He started his professional experience as a counselor at the rehab center Therapeutic Community. In the past he also worked as a clinical social worker with foster kids and their foster parents. During his professional experience development, he gained experience in working as a therapist with people with addictions, clinical depression and mental illness and other difficult life situations. Emil completed the CeveySystems Business Leadership Coaching training and certification focused on leadership performance and also uses coaching skills in his work with clients. Currently, he manages the Human Dynamic Europe operation in Bulgaria and is the senior counselor and consultant in Sofia.