Katarína Hačkuličová

| EAP Consultant |

Katarína devoted her time to working with people during high school and then during her university studies, when she volunteered with children, teenagers and young adults through various development programs and activities. She completed her Master's Degree in Psychology at the Faculty of Arts of the University of Trnava. During her university studies, she learned from more experienced professionals during her internship in a psychiatric hospital and clinics of clinical psychologists. Her internship in the Czech Republic at the Psychiatric Clinic of the University Hospital and at a learning and development agency was beneficial as well. She also worked as a volunteer in a nationwide Online Counseling Center for young people, where she completed a robust Crisis Intervention Training. She gained further work experience in a private corporation as the Organizational Psychologist working with employees and job seekers. In Human Dynamic Europe, she uses her acquired knowledge, experience and skills on the non-stop crisis hotline and in communication with clients.

"I am happy when I can see, experience and get to know the individuality and uniqueness of each person. I am motivated in life when my words, actions and work help other people. The work of a psychologist allows me to use my time meaningfully and invest my energy into what fulfills me in life."