Zuzana Pavelková

| Reporting Manager |

Miracles begin to happen when you give the same amount of energy to your dreams as you do to your fears.

Zuzana is completing her Master’s Degree from the Faculty of Social Sciences in Trnava. She received the Master of Business Administration Degree in the Project Management program at the Effective Business School in Prague. In the field of finance, she completed training and certifications in various areas under the National Bank of Slovakia. For a few years, she was the Sales Manager of a family business, where she was in charge of suppliers and customers, logistics, e-shop administration, accounting, warehouse management and various business systems. In the past, she also worked in the healthcare sector, where she took care of patients and learned to function and handle work in a demanding and stressful environment. She also worked at the hospital in Nové Město na Moravě in the Czech Republic in the Neurological and Trauma Department. She completed an accredited Crisis Intervention Training for helping professions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia and provides first contact with follow-up client care and crisis intervention on a 24/7 hotline for Human Dynamic Europe clients.

"I enjoy learning new things, progressing and pushing my limits. I believe that together with a team of experienced colleagues - professionals, we can do our best for the clients’ satisfaction and help them overcome difficult situations and support them in what they need."