Zsuzsanna Hajba

| Psychologist | Therapist |

Zsuzsanna focuses on self-awareness issues, healthy self-confidence and self-evaluation, self-strengthening, life counseling and coping with changes. She provides counseling in life difficulties and life situation crises. She specializes in managing stress in the workplace, prevention of burnout, improving work-life balance and self-care. She helps in the development of conflict and frustration tolerance skills and development of social competences. Zsuzsanna focuses on anxiety-related problems, improvement of performance anxiety, career changes and lifestyle changes. Zsuzsanna's qualifications include Master’s Degree in Psychology from Universität Trier (2018); Bachelor’s Degree from Ludwig-Maximilians Universität in Munich (2015); Postgraduate studies: Counseling psychologist vocational training, Lóránd Eötvös University; Individual Psychology, 150 hours Hungarian Individual Psychology Association; Neuropsychological Diagnosis and Therapy – NRT-Pasing, Munich (2015-2018); Behavioral genetics – Universität Trier (2017); Progressive Muscle Relaxation – Universität Trier (2016); Coaching Training – Ludwig-Maximilians Universität Mentoring program (2012-2014). Zsuzsanna has the following publication: Neumann, R., Völker, J., Hajba, Z., & Seiler, S. (2021). Lesions and reduced working memory impair emotion recognition in self and others. Cognition and Emotion, 35(8), 1527-1542. Zsuzsanna consults in Hungarian, German and English.