Ágnes Bereczki

| Psychologist | Therapist |

Ágnes is a counseling psychologist (ELTE PPK). She focuses on life counseling, live coaching, stress management, anxiety issues and fears, and specializes on prevention and treatment of burnout, work -life balance issues and self-care. She teaches various relaxation techniques (autogenic training, mediation). Her other specialties include decision making difficulties, overthinking and development of emotional flexibility and resilience. She supports coping with changes, self-knowledge, self-realization, personality development, awareness of values, goals and motivations.

Ágnes focuses on conflict management, assertiveness development, promoting realistic self-evaluation, self-esteem and self-confidence, and helps with loss of a loved one and the grieving process. She specializes on relationship difficulties, commitment issues, male-female roles, processing infidelity, breakups and divorces. She helps with career orientation, career choices, career counseling and career change. Ágnes’ qualifications include: Scheme Therapist Training Program 1-2-3, ISST accredited program (2017-2018); Meditation and Symbol Therapy, Hungarian Relaxation and Symbol Therapy Association (2017); Coaching Methodologies in Practice (2016); Relaxation Autogenic Training, Hungarian Relaxation and Symbol Therapy Association (2010); Basics of Analytical Psychology, Hungarian Analytical Psychology Association (2008).