Martina Kučerová

| Customer Relations Manager |

Martina is an important wellbeing and administrative support for several departments (EAP, CRM, HR) at Human Dynamic Europe. As the Happiness Manager, she manages the smooth functioning of the office and the professional organization of external and internal events, including the annual benefit concert, various trainings and teambuildings. As a licenced certfied Trainer with specialization in Athletics, she manages the physical wellbeing of clients and organizes physical activities for the corporate environment. She uses managerial and communication skills, as well as creativity, perseverance and enthusiasm for working with people. She enjoys the variety and meaningful content of her work, aspects that are also visible in other areas of her life. Martina received her Engineering Degree in Production and Logistics Management and has extensive work experience in administrative positions and management of the Finance Department. At the same time, she is a former professional athlete, multiple medalist and multiple representative of Slovakia in athletics. As a Co-founder and Chair of the civil association Trackademy focused on engaging children in athletics, she actively trains children and adults, as well as works with children with mental handicaps. Martina completed an accredited Crisis Intervention Training for helping professions in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.