Lucie Blažková

| Psychologist | Therapist |

Lucie received her Master’s Degree in Psychology at the Palacký University Faculty of Arts in Olomouc. She also completed the long-term psychotherapy training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy at the CBT Institute, as well as a Counseling Course in Healthcare, and other courses and workshops such as the course Working with Therapeutic Cards, Supportive Measures for Students with ADHD, or the Basic Rorschach Method. She is a graduate of the pedagogical minimum and is enrolled in pre-certification accreditation in the field of Clinical Psychology.  Lucie has many years of practical counseling experience - as a school psychologist, a healthcare sector psychologist, as the Center for Educational Care counselor. In her private counseling practice, she helps clients in difficult life situations, working with individuals, groups and entire families. She consults in the Czech language.