Lenka Sarnecká

| Psychologist | Coach |

Lenka received her Master’s Degree in Psychology at the Matej Bel University and the University of Konstantin Philosopher in Nitra. She also completed specialized studies in the field of Clinical Psychology at the Faculty of Medicine of the Slovak Health University in Bratislava and continues to continue her education. She is currently attending short-term schema therapy training and is enrolled in the study of Traffic Psychology at the Faculty of Medicine of the Slovak Health University. She is a graduate of certified Life Coaching Training, as well as various courses and experiential workshops, such as Working with Emotions through Art Therapy, Family Board, Systemic Approach Interviewing, Trauma and Dissociation Processing, Internal Barriers, and others. She is trained in the field of psycho-diagnostics, as well as in the Rorschach method. After completing her university studies, she gained experience at the Psychiatric Hospital of Professor Matulay in Kremnica, where she worked for 7 years. During her work, she circulated in the chronic, geriatric-psychiatric, psychosomatic and drug addiction departments, and she provided psycho-diagnostics, individual and group psychotherapy of patients. She also engaged in cooperation with elementary schools, where she led a program for students to prevent bullying and self-harm. She currently works at the Clinical Psychology Clinic PhDr. Nárožná-Kocúrová in Zvolen. She also prepares and implements various lectures and webinars. She is a member of the Slovak Chamber of Psychologists. 

In counseling, Lenka focuses on the areas of personal development, coping with difficult life situations, burnout syndrome, coping with stress, psychosomatic problems, anxiety and depression, and relaxation skills training. At the same time, she provides psycho-diagnostics of adults, such as examination of personality, intellect, psychological functions and specific abilities, behavioral and emotional disorders, activity and attention disorders, psycho-diagnostics of disability applicants, differential and preventive psycho-diagnostics and assessment of mental capacity. She works as a counselor and life coach in Žiar nad Hronom, Banská Štiavnica and the surrounding area. She consults in the Slovak language.