Daniel Filípek

| Psychologist | Consultant |

Daniel received his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology at the University of Trnava and his Master's Degree from the University of Constantine the Philosopher in Nitra. He gained experience in counseling adults and teenagers at the Centre for Resocialization of Drug Addicts RETEST in Bratislava, at the Clinical Psychology Practice in Nitra, and at the Centre for Addicts in Dublin. For eight years he worked at the IT department of a large multinational corporation, where he had the opportunity to become familiar with the work and processes in a large team environment.  He completed the Training Program and Certification in the Biofeedback Therapeutic Method and is currently enrolled in the long-term Psychodynamic Psychotherapy Training at the Brno Institute of Psychotherapy.

Daniel provides individual counseling focusing on difficult life situations, crisis management, depression and anxiety, relationship and parenting issues, as well as burnout, exhaustion and difficulties in the work environment. He offers his clients a safe place and a therapeutic relationship based on trust and understanding. He speaks and counsels in Slovak and English.

“We may be able to cope and find answers to hard times and life difficulties we face. However, it may be beneficial to seek an unbiased, supportive and professional counseling. My goal is to ask clients questions with an authentic and sincere interest and the desire to support them in their personal development and potential.”