Dominika Volek

| Lecturer | Career Counselor |

Dominika supports clients in their career development at any stage of their professional life. She helps them discover their strengths, values, identify interests, skills and competencies, and accompanies them in the decision-making and career-planning process. She gained extensive experience in this field during her university and PhD studies, where she focused on interventions in secondary schools, especially mentoring the selection of future studies and career paths. She also worked as an external consultant for a non-profit organization within the program of non-formal education for ambitious secondary school students, aimed at acquiring career orientation and improving soft and hard skills. In addition to career counseling, Dominika also provides the first contact with clients, crisis intervention on the hotline, and further support for the clients. Dominika received her doctorate degree from the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences of Comenius University in Bratislava in the Social and Work Psychology, completed the Crisis Intervention Course, an Accredited Train the Trainer Course, Accredited Career Counseling Program and Accredited Career Counseling Training Certification. She speaks Slovak and English.


"I am pleased to be a part of a dynamic team, where I have the opportunity to grow, develop, and gain new experience and inspiration. My work fulfills me due to its meaningfulness and opportunity to create and cater to clients´ needs. In the counseling process, I like to use innovative and experiential methods that support spontaneity and better self-knowledge for the clients. Accompanying a client on the path of self-knowledge, discovery and potential development is an adventure for me, because each client is unique, and the path is always unpredictable and original.”