Dominika Vajdová

| Customer Relations Executive |

Dominika finished organizational psychology at the Faculty of Social and Economic Sciences at the Comenius University in Bratislava. During her university studies, Dominika gained experience in the field of organizational psychology, assisting in psychological assessments and diagnostics. She completed Crisis Intervention Course, the accredited Train the Trainer Course, where she had the opportunity to develop her social, didactic and andragogic competences and the accredited Career Development Course to acquire skills for working with an individual or group at any stage of work life. Her responsibilities include communicating with customers and partners, organizing learning and development activities and HR Roundtables for the HR community, creating reports for clients and providing creative marketing for the company. She speaks Slovak and English.

„In 2018, I became a part of a dynamic team, where I have the opportunity to grow, develop, gain new experience and inspiration. I am content with my work due to its purpose, opportunity to create and fulfill individual clients´ needs. In my free time I enjoy working out which relaxes me and provides me with new energy. At the same time, family and friends are an important part of my life. I love traveling and getting to know other cultures, delicious food, music and books that can grab my full attention.“