Sandra Zápražná

| Customer Relations Manager |

Sandra is responsible, hardworking and customer-oriented. At Human Dynamic Europe she is part of the CRM team, where she uses her strengths of optimism, openness and experience in the field of client support and international events’ organization. At HDE she also manages external communication, manages company social networks and the website.

During her many years of working with people she learned that each client is unique and a different approach is needed for each one. Sandra likes to seize the opportunities presented to her and can thus be a greater asset not only for the company, but also for the client. Helping the weak and needy is her passion, which corresponded with her chosen study at the University of Health and Social Work at St. Elizabeth, majoring in Mission and Charity.

 "The greatest satisfaction for me is when I see my client satisfied and grateful for a job well done. What I do has a meaning, even if it makes just one person smile. If a client is frowning or having a bad day, I'll do everything in my power to put a smile on his or her face and make them feel that everything is going to be okay."