Jana Žmolíková

| Psychologist | Therapist |

Jana received her degree in Psychology at the Charles University in Prague, specializing in Clinical Psychology. As part of her studies, she completed a number of professional internships, for example at the Bohnice Psychiatric Hospital, at the Psychiatric Clinic of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Warsaw, at the Horní Palata Day Sanatorium, at the M.O.S.T. Addiction Treatment Center, at the Ondřejov Day Psychotherapy Sanatorium and at other specialized healthcare facilities. She is certified in the field of clinical psychology, as well as completed a 5-year psychotherapy training in Deep Dynamic Psychotherapy and passed the specialized postgraduate examination in the field of Systematic Psychotherapy in the Healthcare Industry. After graduation, she completed a number of professional courses and trainings, for example in trauma therapy, catathymic imaginative psychotherapy, art therapy, hypnosis, body-centered therapies, differential psychological diagnosis, and others. She successfully completed a comprehensive accredited training in coaching. She worked at the prestigious Na Homolce Hospital in Prague and currently works as a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist at the František Hospital, the Municipal Aftercare Hospital and in her private counseling practice. She is engaged in scientific activity, publishes in foreign periodicals, lectures and consults externally on mental health topics.

Jana has over 15 years of experience in psychological counseling and psychotherapy. She works with people with various health problems with psychosomatic contexts. She specializes in anxiety and depression conditions associated with stress and burnout syndrome, sleep disorders, female sexual difficulties, addictions, eating disorders, obesity and psychogenic overeating. She works with a deeply dynamic approach that combines elements of trauma therapy and catathymic imaginative psychotherapy, as well as using coaching methods for the personal development of mental health. She consults in the Czech language.