Michaela Kotvová

| Psychologist | Therapist |

Michaela received her Bachelor’s Degree in Social Pedagogy at the Faculty of Education of the Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem and her Master's Degree in Management and Supervision in Social and Healthcare Organizations at the Faculty of Humanities of Charles University in Prague. She is completing a long-term psychotherapeutic Systematic Training, and also in Counseling for Children and Parents and in Child Psychotherapy. She completed training in Complex Crisis Intervention and Working with a Child in Crisis. Michaela worked with children and adults in socially excluded locations, with children and youth from children's homes, with medically handicapped individuals, in a crisis intervention center, in a children's crisis center and provided foster family care. In counseling, Michaela primarily focuses on children and youth, and also works with adults. Instilling trust and security is important to her, offering support to clients, not only in an acute crisis.

She is their guide and mirror on the path to change, which can sometimes be long and difficult, but in the end brings relief. She supports clients in various topics, such as learning problems in children, relationships between parents and children, self-harm, suicidal thoughts or tendencies, bullying, the search for one's own identity, feelings of inferiority, loss of self-esteem, stress, burnout syndrome, panic, anxiety, loss of a loved one and many more. She consults in the Czech language.