Petra Jonášová

| Psychologist | Therapist |

Petra received her Master’s Degree in Social Work with a major in Applied Communication and Psychotherapy at the Prague University of Psychosocial Studies and the Hradec Králové Medical School. She completed a five-year self-experience training in Community and Group Psychotherapy focused on Dasein Analysis and several other trainings, such as Lege artis Procedures in Community and Group Psychotherapy; Fear in Social Situations and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; Personality Disorders and Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy; Transactional Analysis; Shape Therapy for Children; Trauma Work and Crisis Intervention; Basics of Coaching. Petra worked at the Center for Crisis Intervention, where she worked with psychologists during crisis intervention and with clients who were in a life crisis; in the non-profit organization Woman for Woman as a personal mentor for people who have difficulty getting a job and staying on the labor market; in Diakonia ČČE and in Zvoneček, where she assisted clients with mental handicaps in practical skills and in common daily activities that lead to independence; in the Children's Crisis Center and in Prostor as a psychotherapist, as well as she provided social activation services for people who have experience with addictions to addictive substances, as well as individual psychotherapy for adolescents.

The main technique she uses is the creation of a therapeutic relationship, where she provides a calm and safe environment that allows trust. She approaches each client individually with empathy and understanding. She may use elements from art therapy, when appropriate. She provides counseling to clients on various topics, such as the search for the meaning of life, depression, social phobia, anxiety, the consequences of childhood trauma, CAN syndrome, problems in relationships, the search for one's own uniqueness, feelings of inferiority, anorexia. She consults in the Czech language.