Kristýna Šonková

| Psychologist | Therapist |

Kristýna completed a five-year self-experiential training in psychotherapy focused on Dasein Analysis accredited for healthcare by the Czech Medical Society J.E. Purkyně. In therapeutic work, she relies on the principles of dasein-analysis, an approach that gives space to the authenticity and individuality of the client and helps in the search for authenticity in life. She also combines various techniques from other therapeutic directions, because they can bring a quick relief and, at the same time, space for deeper work. She supports clients with various topics, such as problems at work, burnout, life changes, pain, fear, sadness, anxiety, panic, depression, relationship addiction, toxic relationships, meaning in life, helplessness, feelings of inferiority, self-esteem, blocks from childhood, psychosomatic problems and the search for identity. She consults in Czech and English.